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Think the next crypto bull market is going to be epic?

We too. But let's face it, investing in a bull market is easier said than done. From timing your entry to picking the right coins and dodging scams, the challenges are real.

That's where BULLRUN-AS-A-SERVICE comes in. Designed for both newbies and seasoned investors, our service takes the guesswork out of investing. We pool funds and strategically invest in the hottest projects out there.

No more FOMO, no more sleepless nights over diversification. Just smart, strategic investing for the win.

How We Make It Happen

Setting the stage for success

For investments and portfolio management we'll use cutting-edge tech, tools, algorithms and AI in combination with decades of experience and old-school wisdom.

With BULLRUN-AS-A-SERVICE we'll create an ecosystem where you are more than just an investor — you become an owner. With our dual-token economy you can stake your $BULL20 tokens and earn $BULLSHARE tokens as a reward. These $BULLSHARE tokens aren't just digital assets; they represent actual ownership in our portfolio, the BULLFOLIO.

But it doesn't stop there. Our BULL'S DAO ensures that you have a voice in the project. From deciding on investment strategies to making key portfolio adjustments, your input matters.

Key Features

Build for success

Our Approach

We carefully created a bundle of features not found in most other crypto projects to set us up for a lasting success:

At the heart of the BULLRUN AS A SERVICE lies a meticulously crafted investment strategy, steered by seasoned experts in the crypto realm. Recognizing the vast and dynamic landscape of cryptocurrencies, our team employs a diversified approach, allocating funds across pivotal crypto sectors such as DeFi, Web3, Oracles, GameFi, and many more.

This ensures not only a spread of risk but also the potential to tap into multiple growth avenues. With a keen eye on market trends and a commitment to dynamic portfolio management, our experts aim to navigate the complexities of the crypto world, striving to deliver optimal returns.

▸ See our BULLPAPER for more information.

In the fast-paced world of cryptocurrencies, a proactive approach is essential, and that's where the BULLRUN AS A SERVICE's aggressive growth strategy comes into play. By actively seeking out and capitalizing on high-potential investment opportunities, we aim to supercharge our portfolio's growth trajectory.

(Click to enlarge)

This bold strategy, backed by expert insights and timely decision-making, positions us to seize market momentum, amplify returns, and stay ahead of the curve.

For our community of token holders, this means not just participating in a project but being part of a dynamic journey that's geared for exponential growth. With an aggressive growth strategy, $BULL20 isn't just riding the crypto wave; we're aiming to lead it.

▸ See our BULLPAPER for more information.

The BULLRUN AS A SERVICE is build of two tokens:

  1. $BULL20
    Our utility token, can be publically bought & traded. Each token represents a vote in our DAO. Once staked, it will earn the most valuable yield, the
    asset token. Our portfolio, called BULLFOLIO, is represented a fixed amount of these asset tokens. $BULLSHARE can only be earned through staking of $BULL20 and you can always use them to get your share of the BULLFOLIO in cash (ETH).

▸ See our BULLPAPER for more information.

The BULL'S DAO stands as a testament to our commitment to community involvement, empowering token holders to have a direct say in a portion of our investment portfolio. Through this initiative, every token holder can suggest coins or projects for inclusion, with the top picks making their way into our BULLFOLIO.

As the project evolves, our dedicated BULL'S DAO ensures that this community-driven approach continues, allowing token holders to suggest, vote, and influence the direction of key project decisions. It's not just about maximizing returns; it's about building a collaborative crypto journey.

▸ See our BULLPAPER for more information.

There are two options to take profits:

  1. Predefined Profit Taking targets
    We have defined three points in time (see Roadmap) where we will sell a predefined amount of the BULLFOLIO and distribute everything between the $BULLSHARE holders. The proposed plan is to sell 25% about 18 months into the bull market, 25% after 24 months and the remaining 50% after 30 months. Both the percentages and the dates will be up for voting in the BULLDAO.
  2. Liquidate your $BULLSHARE tokens ANYTIME
    If you feel the bull market might be coming to an end or you just need some liquidity, you can always exchange your share of the BULLFOLIO (represented by your $BULLSHARE tokens) into liquidity - we gladly swap you $BULLSHARE for ETH at any time. Here, a fee applies which will be added to the BULLFOLIO for all others to enjoy.

Every $BULLSHARE we get back will be burnt (=destroyed) and therefore decreases the available total supply!

▸ See our BULLPAPER for more information.

The BULLRUN AS A SERVICE project has limited lifespan, as bull markets always have. We will try to catch this upcoming bull market as good as possible, which includes leaving the markets for good when the prices peak.

▸ See our BULLPAPER for more information.

Dual Token


Ticker/Network $BULL20 on Ethereum (ERC20) $BULLSHARE on Ethereum (ERC20)
Token Type Utility Asset Tokenization
Token Utility 1. Unlimited DEX trading
2. Stake-To-Earn (Rewards in $BULLSHARE)
3. Voting rights in BULL'S DAO
1. Represents a fixed portfolio-share
2. Can be exchanged for current value anytime
Listing/Initial Price $0.10 (ICO on Uniswap V3) $1,000.00 (no DEX listing)
Maximum Supply 100,000,000 (100M) 6,000 (six-thousand)
Token Generation
Event (TGE)
Tokens are created ("minted") directly
after the presale is closed.
All tokens sold during our presale are
staked automatically.
Expected April 2024.
One (1) token minted for every $1,000
invested into the portfolio.
Expected April 2024.
Token Allocation 80% Investors
10% Marketing, Rewards & Dev
10% Liquidity (DEX, CEX tba)
100% Investors (as $BULL20 staking rewards)
Staking & Rewards Staking is supported and suggested.
Rewards are paid daily in $BULLSHARE
tokens, distributed between all stakers.
There is no required lockup period.
Burn Mechanism Tokens returned to Smart Contract are burned.
See Liquidity Guarantee for details.
Presale 60M (60%) in 12 stages
Tokens bought during presale are
staked automatically after TGE so early
investors don't miss a single reward!
Buy/Sell Tax 0% 0% sell-tax during 3 scheduled exit events
10% during other times (goes all to portfolio)


All future milestone dates are pending and represent current planing.

Apr 2023 IDEA ✅
  • Do we really want to do this? ✔
  • How could we do this? ✔
  • When Lambo??
    Are we offering real value? ✔
May 2023 RESEARCH ✅
  • Market Outlook ✔
  • Business Model ✔
  • Legal Framework ✔
JUN 2023 SETUP ✅
  • Team Members ✔
  • Partner Agreements ✔
  • Technical Outline ✔
  • White BULLPAPER ✔
  • Website ✔
  • Socials ✔
SEP 2023 PLAN ✅
  • Marketing ✔
  • Community ✔
  • Tokenomics ✔
  • Presale Contracts ✔
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OCT 2023 TEST ✅
  • Contract Audit ✔
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NOV 2023 GO LIVE ☕
  • Open Presale ✔
  • Press Release
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  • DEX Listing
  • Airdrops
  • Presale Staking
  • Funds Allocation
  • Staking Activated
  • Trading & Investing
  • Reporting
  • Community Involvement
2027+ ENJOY
  • Party
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  • Lambo
  • Sell 50% of BULLFOLIO
  • Distribute Funds
  • Sell 25% of BULLFOLIO
  • Distribute Funds
  • Sell 25% of BULLFOLIO
  • Distribute Funds



BULLRUN-AS-A-SERVICE is the answer to the challenges of proper bull market investing. Designed for those who want to ride the bullish wave but aren't sure where and how to start, our service pools investor funds to strategically dive into the most promising coins and projects, much like an ETF is doing. No more second-guessing entry points or fretting over portfolio diversification.

BULLRUN-AS-A-SERVICE has a bundle of featuars not found in most other crypto projects:

  • Diversified Investment Strategy
  • Aggressive Growth Strategy
  • Innovative Dual-Token Economy
  • Community Involvement Through The BULL'S DAO
  • Buy-Back Guarantee For $BULLSHARE Tokens
  • Lifetime Restriction; Leave When Markets Peak

Find out more about those features in our BULLPAPER.

Our performance expectations are set high, aiming to capitalize on the immense growth potential of the crypto market. While Bitcoin is projected to surge from $30,000 to $150,000, delivering a 5x return, we anticipate that a well-curated altcoin portfolio could yield a 10x return, growing from 1 to 10.

However, our investment strategy is designed to outperform these benchmarks significantly. Leveraging a diversified portfolio across various high-growth sectors, we aim for a 25x return or better, offering an extraordinary investment opportunity in the upcoming bull market.

The 'Buy-Stake-Own' model is a simple yet powerful approach to crypto investing with BULLRUN-AS-A-SERVICE. Investors can buy $BULL20 tokens and stake them to earn $BULLSHARE tokens as staking rewards.

But it's not just about staking; $BULLSHARE tokens represent more than just digital assets. They offer a tokenized share in our entire investment portfolio, known as the BULLFOLIO, giving investors both ownership and a stake in its performance.

When does the $BULL20 Presale start?

The $BULL20 presale will start on November 1st, 2023, at 10:00 am EDT. It will take place over a total of 12 consecutive stages. The presale price will increase with each stage. For more details, see our BULLPAPER.

There is no minimum amount of tokens to be sold (soft cap), BULLRUN-AS-A-SERVICE is moving forward and starts operating no matter what. The maximum sales volume (hard cap) is 60,000,000 $BULL20 for the presale (60% of maximum supply).

Buying is open to everyone on a "first come, first serve" basis. There are no whitelists or any other kind of preferential treatment for individual groups or persons.

There is no minimum buy limit. The maximum buy is limited to 50% of the stage allocation. In case you'd like to make a bigger purchase, please reach out to us. Also, please be mindful that you will need ETH (ERC-20) for gas fees in addition to the amount of your desired purchase.

You will be able to buy with USDC (ERC-20) or ETH (ERC-20). You will need additional ETH (ERC-20) to pay for gas fees. We are preparing other options also.

The gas fees on the Ethereum network may vary and depend on network congestion and time of day. They can range from a few Dollars to tens of Dollars. As a guideline, you should have like $15 worth of ETH available.

You can get an estimate on expected gas fees at https://etherscan.io/gastracker.

Once the presale concludes, we will mint the $BULL20 tokens and automatically stake them on your behalf. This ensures that you start earning rewards from the very first minute. If you choose to, you can unstake your $BULL20 tokens at any time

Why two tokens?

Having two tokens, $BULL20 and $BULLSHARE, allows us to separate investment capital from ownership and rewards. $BULL20 is the primary investment token, while $BULLSHARE serves as a reward token that also represents a share in our entire portfolio, the BULLFOLIO. This dual-token system enhances flexibility and maximizes earning potential for investors.

The maximum supply will be 100,000,000 (100M) for $BULL20 and 6,000 for $BULLSHARE tokens.

You can earn $BULLSHARE tokens by staking your $BULL20 tokens. Once you stake $BULL20, you'll automatically start accumulating $BULLSHARE as staking rewards. These $BULLSHARE tokens not only serve as rewards but also represent a tokenized share in our entire investment portfolio, the BULLFOLIO.

$BULLSHARE tokens are more than just staking rewards; they represent a tokenized share in our entire investment portfolio, the BULLFOLIO. Holding $BULLSHARE gives you a share in the portfolio and it's performance.

There is no lock-up period for either $BULL20 or $BULLSHARE tokens. You are free to unstake your $BULL20 tokens and trade or sell your $BULLSHARE tokens at any time, providing you with complete flexibility in managing your investment.

How do I benefit from the ICO Token?

Once ICO period is launched, You can purchased Token with Etherum, Bitcoin or Litecoin. You can also tempor incididunt ut labore et dolore magna aliqua sed do eiusmod eaque ipsa.

Once ICO period is launched, You can purchased Token with Etherum, Bitcoin or Litecoin. You can also tempor incididunt ut labore et dolore magna aliqua sed do eiusmod eaque ipsa.

Once ICO period is launched, You can purchased Token with Etherum, Bitcoin or Litecoin. You can also tempor incididunt ut labore et dolore magna aliqua sed do eiusmod eaque ipsa.

Once ICO period is launched, You can purchased Token with Etherum, Bitcoin or Litecoin. You can also tempor incididunt ut labore et dolore magna aliqua sed do eiusmod eaque ipsa.


For various reasons we have decided to not put out our real names here.
Don't worry, we are real people with real experience and good intentions.

  • Lead Investor
  • Master of Economics MEc
  • 20+ years experience in financial markets
  • Master Trader
  • Security & Funds protection
  • Crypto since 2017
  • Knows all the degen plays
  • Marketing & Advertisement
  • Develops brands and sells everything since 2010
  • Solidity Developer
  • Web3 since 2021
  • Web2 since 2007
  • Community Manager since 2021
  • Started with Axie Infinity
  • Runs our Discord, Zealy, Telegram
  • Website
  • Social Media
  • Campaigns